Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant & Dec using our  Dummy Weights, Workout Bench & A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

Props hired to Midsomer Murders


Marquee and Deckchairs on set of Midsomer Murders

Loose Women does Coronation Street


Our transport company delivering props to the old Coronation Street set

Billy Elliot Movie Gym Scene

Boxing Ring, Hanging and Standing Punch Bags, Boxing Gloves and Helmets including crash mats.
All provided by Prop Hire and Deliver

Jonathan Ross and Guests

See our roller skates, pads & helmets on the Jonathan Ross show

Big Brother the hole

Period hospital beds and other hospital equipment used on Big Brother

Tic-Tac commercial

Our fake weights and gym equipment being used in this Tic-tac commercial

Fiat Grande Punto Trampoline TV Advert

The trampolines used in this TV advert, made for fiat, were supplied by Prop Hire and Deliver

David Beckham Sainsburys Active Kids Advert

Look at our props being used in this advert for Sainburys Active Kids

Ladbrokes Chris Kamara Advert

All the gym and exercise equipment you see in the hilarious Ladbrokes Chris Kamara Hydraplus advert was supplied by us.